Ezra 7

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Old Testament

1 After thatz, when Artaxerxes wuz boss, Ezra sed "O hai!"2 He wuz3 begatted4 by lotsa5 pplz.6 Ezra livd in Babblelawn; he wuz a scribe, expurrt in teh law of Mozes, which the Lord Ceiling Cat of the Ceiling had givd tehm. Teh keeng givd him lotsa stuff, cuz Ceiling Cat sed so.7 Ezra goed to Jerusalem wit some Israelitez, preests, Levitez, temple singerz, and a bunch other pplz, in teh seventh yeer of Keeng Artaxerxes.8 Tehy gotz to Jersusalem in teh fifth month of teh seventh yeer.

Ezra 7
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