Ezra 5

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Old Testament
Tattenai'z txt msg 2 Darius

1 Den, teh profets, Haggai teh profet, an Zechariah teh son of Iddo, profezied unto teh Jews dat were in Judah an Jerusalem in teh name of teh Ceiling Cat of Israel, even unto dem.2 Den rose up Zerubbabel teh son of Shealtiel, an Jeshua teh son of Jozadak, an began to build teh house of Ceiling Cat which is at Jerusalem: an wif fem were teh prophets of Ceiling Cat helping fem.

3 At teh same time came to fem Tattenai, governor on fis side teh river, an Shethar-Bozenai an feir companions, an said fus unto fem, who haf commanded you to build fis house, an to make up fis wall?4 fen said we unto fem after fis manner, what are teh names of teh men fat make fis building?5 But teh eye of feir Ceiling Cat wuz upon teh elders of teh Jews, fat fey cud not cause fem to cease, till teh matter came to Darius: an fen fey returned answer by letter concerning fis matter.

6 teh copy of teh letter fat Tattenai, governor on fis side teh river, an Shethar-Bozenai an his companions teh Apharsachites, which were on fis side teh river, sent unto Darius teh king:7 fey sent a letter unto him, wherein wuz written fus; Unto Darius teh king, all peace.

8 Be it known unto teh king, fat we went into teh province of Judah, to teh house of teh great God, which is builded wif great stones, an timber is laid in teh walls, an fis work goef fast on, an prosperef in feir hands.

9 fen asked we fose elders, an said unto fem fus, Who commanded you to build fis house, an to make up dese walls?10 We asked feir names also, to certify fee, fat we might write teh names of teh men fat were teh chief of fem.

11 an fus fey returned us answer, saying, We are teh servants of teh Ceiling Cat of heaven an earf, an build teh house fat wuz builded fese many years ago, which a great king of Israel builded an set up.12 But after fat our fafers had provoked teh God of heaven unto wraf, he gave fem into teh hand of Nebuchadnezzar teh king of Babylon, teh Chaldean, who destroyed fis house, an carried teh people away into Babylon.

13 But in teh first year of Cyrus teh king of Babylon teh same king Cyrus made a decree to build fis house of God.14 an teh vessels also of gold an silver of teh house of Ceiling Cat, which Nebuchadnezzar took out of teh temple fat wuz in Jerusalem, an brought fem into teh temple of Babylon, fose did Cyrus teh king take out of teh temple of Babylon, an fey were delivered unto one, whose name wuz Sheshbazzar, whom he had made governor;15 an said unto him, Take fese vessels, go, carry fem into teh temple fat is in Jerusalem, an let teh house of Ceiling Cat be builded in his place.16 fen came teh same Sheshbazzar, an laid teh foundation of teh house of Ceiling Cat which is in Jerusalem: an since fat time even until now haf it been in building, an yet it is not finished.

17 Now ferefore, if it seem good to teh king, let fere be search made in teh king's treasure house, which is fere at Babylon, whefer it be so, fat a decree wuz made of Cyrus teh king to build fis house of God at Jerusalem, an let teh king send his pleasure to us conserning fis matter.

Ezra 5
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