Ezra 4

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Old Testament
Opposition to the Rebuilding

1 Wen enamees of Judah an Benjamin heerd about teh tempull foar Ceiling Cat,2 dey wentz to Zerubbabel an teh othur importunt gais an sed "O, hai! We can helpz u plz? We wantz to fynd teh Ceiling Cat."

3 But Zerubabbel an Jeshua an other gais sed "No wai! Ceiling Cat sed taht we bildz tempull!"

4 Den teh peepz dere tryd to maek dem stop teh bilding.5 Dey got sum gaiz to helpz dem wif deir bad stuff. Srsly.

6 Teh peepz complaynd to teh king

7 All teh baddies rote this big letter to teh king

8 An office also rote a letter.

Ezra 4
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