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Old Testament

1 Now the kittehs of the place that Nebuchandnezzars stolened off to Babylon, and comes back to Jerusalem and Judah;2 Dat comez with Zerubbabel: Jeshua, Nehemiah, Seraiah, Reelaiiah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mizpar, Bigvai, Rehum, Baanah. The numberz of catz of Israel:

3 Teh kittehs of Parosh, two thowzands and hunnderd seventy two.

4 Teh kittehs of Shephatiah, three hunnderd seventy two.

5 Teh kittehs of Arah, seven hunnderd seventy and five.

6 Teh kittehs of Pahath moab, of the kittehs of Jeshua and Joab, two thowzands and eight hunnderd an twelve.

7 Teh kittehs of Elam, a thowzand and two hunnderd and fifty and four.

8 Teh kittehs of Zattu, nine hunnderd and fourty and five.

9 Teh kittehs of Zaccai, seven hunnderd and threescorez.

10 Teh kittehs of Bani, six hunnderd forty and two.

11 Teh kittehs of Bebai, six hunnderd twenty and three.

12 Teh kittehs of Azgad, thowzand two hunnderd twenty and two.

13 Teh kittehs of Adonikam, six hunndred sixty and six.

14 Teh kittehs of Beguai, two thowzand fiftry and six.

15 Teh kittehs of Adin, fower hunndred fiftry and fower.

16 Teh kittehs of Ather, whos is kittehs of Ezechias, only ninety-eight.

17 Teh kittehs of Besai, tree hunndred and twenty and tree.

18 Teh kittehs of Jora, a hunndred and twelve.

19 Teh kittehs of Hasum, two hunndred and twenty and tree.

20 Teh kittehs of Gebbar, only ninnety and five.

21 Teh kittehs of Bethlehem, a hunndred and twenty and tree.

22 Teh catz of Netupha, only fiftry and six.

23 Teh catz of Anathoth, a hunndred and twenty and ate.

24 Teh kittehs of Azmaveth, only fowerty and two (but iz answer to univerwse life and evrything).

25 Teh kittehs of Cariathiarim and Cephira and Beroth, sven hunndred and fowerty and tree.

26 Teh kittehs of Rama and Gabaa, six hunndred and twenty and den one more dude.

27 Teh catz of Machmas, a hunndred and twenty and two.

28 Teh catz of Bethel and Hai, two hunndred and twenty and tree.

29 Teh kittehs of Nebo, only fiftry and two.

30 Teh kittehs of Megbis, a hunndred and fiftry and six.

31 Teh kittehs of the other Elam ('cuz we haz two Elams, and dis not first Elam, k thx?), one thowzand two hunndred and fiftry and fivers.

32 Teh kittehs of Harim, tree hunndred and twenty.

33 Teh kittehs Lod and Hadid and Ono, sven hunndred and twenty and five.

34 Teh kittehs of Jericho (i can haz trumpets?), tree hunndred and twenties.

35 Teh kittehs of Senaa, tree thowzand ans six hunndred and thirty.

36 And for priests of the ceiling cat, teh tittehs of Jadaia from sofa of Josue, nine hunndred and sventry and tree.

37 Teh kitteh of Emmer, a thowzand and fitry and two.

38 Teh kittehs of Pheshur, a thowzand and two hunndred and fortry and sven.

39 Teh kittehs of Harim (wtf? we did dees dudes in verse 32), a thowzand and sventeen

40 Teh Levites is teh kittehs of Josue and Cedmihel and kittehs of Odovia, is only sventry and fower.

41 Teh singing kittehs who go "MEERRROROOOOWWW" from Asaph, a hunndred and twenty and eight.

42 Teh kittehs of da bellhops are hunnderd and thirtry and nine. Dey is all from Sellum an Ater an Telmon an Accub an Hatita n Sobai. *yawn*

43 Teh tempul cleanrs are: teh kittehs ov Ziha, Hasufa, Taba-uf,44 Keros, Siaha, Padon,45 Lebunuh, Hagabuh, Akkub,46 Hagab, Shalmai, Hanan,47 Giddle, Gahar, Reyayah,48 Recin, Nekoda, Gazzam,49 Uza, Paseyuh, Besai,50 Asnah, Me-unim, Nepusim,51 Bakbuk, Hakufa, Harher,52 Basluhf, Mehida, Harsha,53 Barkos (not to b teh dog saunds), Sisera, Temah,54 Nezayya, n Hatipha

55 Teh kittehs of teh undrlings uf Solomon be teh kittehs of Sotai, Hasoferet, Peruda,56 Jaala, Darkon, Giddel,57 Sepacha, Hattil, Pokereth-Hazebaym n Ami

58 Teh tempul cleanrs and teh lols of Solomon be 392 wtf

Ezra 2
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