Ezra 1

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Old Testament
Cyrus returnin teh exziles

1 Right awayz Cyrus, Persian top cat, to makes the wurd of teh Ceiling Cat by the mouf of Jeremiah truth, the Ceiling Cat riled hims up and made him says and writted it down,

2 Cyrus top cat of Persia sayz Ceiling Cat done gotted me all kingdoms of urth; and he wanted me make him a house at Jerusalem, in Judah.3 Oh, Hai? Who iz of LOLcats? Ceiling Cat be with him, go gets him up to Judah and makes a house for the Ceiling Cat of Israel, (he iz Ceiling Cat,) which is in Jerusalem.4 And whos stayz where he goed, let thems gives him silber, bling, and cheezburgers, besides the other stuff gives to the Ceiling Cat house that is in Jerusalem.

5 Then he gets up with the other cats and the Levites, with Benjamins, to goes and build the Ceiling Cat house in Jerusalem.6 And everyone gives them silber, bling, and cheezburgers, even not eated them even after giving the other stuff.7 Cyrus the Persian top cat also bringed out Nebuchandnezzares stuff, and putted them in the Cat house too;8 Even all that stuff did Cyrus Persian top cat bringed out by the paws of Mithredath the treasurer, and counted thems out to Seshbazzar, bestest cat of Judah.

9 And teh numberz be: thirty plates of cheezburgers, a thowzand plates of silber, not quite thirty knifes,

10 Thirty bowls of cheezburgers, a bunch of silber bowls, and about a thowzand other stuffs.

11 All the stuffs were five thowzand and four hundred. Sheshbazzar did gotted them out of Babylon and putted them in Jerusalem.

Ezra 1
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