Ezekiel 38

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Old Testament

1 Da werd of da ceilingz cat came too meh2 "Mah babiez, set ur fase agaisnt Gog, in teh landz o' Magog, teh ledars of Meshech an Tubal; give 'ive him a headzup3 an u sayz: 'dis be ur wat I ceiling cat sayz: u suck Gog lol4 I turn u sideways wit mah paws in ur mouth, get ur army gais, maek sur day not nekkid5 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya wit dem; all dem wit super clothes6 Gomer, and all hims dudes; homez of Togarmah of da up place, and sum moar dudes: an den even moar7 BRACE FER IMPACT, and dun ferget to watch out fer ur d00ds8 Sum dais latur u get visut: Forevar latar u go to ur place form da sward, u meet sum d00ds an sum moutrains: but eets kewl bra, u can has safe tiem.9 U came and rawk liek herricane, u can b cloud, wit all ur d00ds n stuff.10 and it b caus ceiling cat saided soz, if u think bout stuffz u fink badddd tings:11 and u sais, imma go too sum places and stuff that has no wallz,12 u tak sum spoils an sum prey; u meet up wit sum peopulz that has sweet stuff.13 Sheba, and Dedan, and da selling d00ds of Tarshish, dey ask sum questins bout takin der stuff14 in so, kitty of ceiling cat, says to j00, dis be ceiling cat; if u has saef, does u know u has?15 den u com form up da place, wit all ur d00ds on da horseys wit sweet fightin guis:16 u try too beat my d00ds up, when I has cheezburger, all da d00ds sea.17 Ceiling cat saiz; ur be dat gai who be all mean n stuffz.18 U come to mai places an ceiling cat beats u up gewd.19 U suck lol, u can has urfquake.20 C wut u maed meh do?21 O lawd u gonna dye.22 U dunt mess wit ceiling cat.

Ezekiel 38
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