Ezekiel 33

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Old Testament

Ezekiel watchman

1 Teh werd ov teh lord came 2 me:2 "son ov man, speek 2 ur countrymen an say 2 them: when i brin teh sword against land, an teh peeps ov teh land choose wan ov their doodz an mak him their watchman,3 An he seez teh sword comin against teh land an blows teh trumpet 2 warn teh peeps,4 Den if anyone hears teh trumpet but doez not taek warnin an teh sword comez an takez his life, his blood will be on his own head.5 Since he herd teh sound ov teh trumpet but did not taek warnin, his blood will be on his own head. If he had taken warnin, he wud has savd him.6 Butt if teh watchman seez teh sword comin an doez not blow teh trumpet 2 warn teh peeps an teh sword comez an takez teh life ov wan ov them, dat man will be taken away cuz ov his sin, but im gonna hold teh watchman accountable 4 his blood.7 "son ov man, i has made u watchman 4 da houz ov israel; so hear teh werd i speek an giv them warnin frum me.8 When i say 2 teh wickd, o wickd man, u will surely dye, an u do not speek out 2 disuade him frum his ways, dat wickd man will dye 4 [a] his sin, an im gonna hold u accountable 4 his blood.9 Butt if u do warn teh wickd man 2 turn frum his ways an he doez not do so, he will dye 4 his sin, but u will has savd yourself.10 "son ov man, say 2 teh houz ov israel, dis ar teh wut u r sayin: "r offensez an sins weigh us down, an we r wastin away cuz ov [b] them. How den can we liv?"11 Say 2 them, as surely as i liv, declarez teh sovereign lord, i taek no pleasure in da death ov teh wickd, but rathr dat they turn frum their ways an liv. Turn! Turn frum ur evil ways! Y will u dye, o houz ov israel?12 "therefore, son ov man, say 2 ur countrymen, teh righteousnes ov teh righteous man will not save him when he disobeys, an teh wickednes ov teh wickd man will not cause him 2 fall when he turns frum it. Teh righteous man, if he sins, will not be allowd 2 liv cuz ov his formr righteousnes.13 If i tell teh righteous man dat he will surely liv, but den he trusts in his righteousnes an doez evil, none ov teh righteous things he has dun will be rememberd; he will dye 4 da evil he has dun.14 An if i say 2 teh wickd man, u will surely dye, but he den turns away frum his sin an doez wut iz jus an rite-15 If he givez bak wut he took in pledge 4 loan, returns wut he has stolen, follows teh decreez dat giv life, an doez no evil, he will surely liv; he will not dye.16 None ov teh sins he has committd will be rememberd against him. He has dun wut iz jus an rite; he will surely liv.17 "yet ur countrymen say, teh wai ov teh lord iz not jus. But it their wai dat iz not jus.18 If righteous man turns frum his righteousnes an doez evil, he will dye 4 it.19 An if wickd man turns away frum his wickednes an doez wut iz jus an rite, he will liv by doin so. 20 yet, o houz ov israel, u say, teh wai ov teh lord iz not jus. But im gonna judge each ov u accordin 2 his own ways."

Jerusalems fall explaind

21 In da twelfth yer ov r exile, in da tenth month on teh fifth dai, man hoo had escapd frum jerusalem came 2 me an sed, "teh city has fallen!"22 Nao teh evenin before teh man arrivd, teh hand ov teh lord wuz upon me, an he opend mah mouth before teh man came 2 me in da mornin. So mah mouth wuz opend an i wuz no longr silent.23 Den teh werd ov teh lord came 2 me:24 "son ov man, teh peeps livin in dose ruins in da land ov israel r sayin, abraham wuz only wan man, yet he posessd teh land. But we r lotz da; surely teh land has been given 2 us as r posesshun.25 therefore say 2 them, dis ar teh wut teh sovereign lord sez: since u eat meat wif teh blood still in it an look 2 ur idols an shd blood, shud u den posess teh land?26 u rely on ur sword, u do detestable things, an each ov u defilez his neighbors wife. Shud u den posess teh land?27 "say dis 2 them: dis ar teh wut teh sovereign lord sez: as surely as i liv, dose hoo r left in da ruins will fall by teh sword, dose out in da country im gonna giv 2 teh wild animals 2 be devourd, an dose in strongholdz an cavez will dye ov plague.28 Im gonna mak teh land desolate waste, an her proud strength will come 2 an end, an teh mountains ov israel will become desolate so dat no wan will cros them.29 Den they will knoe dat i r lord, when i has made teh land desolate waste cuz ov all teh detestable things they has dun.30 "as 4 u, son ov man, ur countrymen r talkin togethr bout u by teh walls an at teh doors ov teh haus, sayin 2 each othr, come an hear teh mesage dat has come frum teh lord.31 Mah peeps come 2 u, as they usually do, an sit before u 2 listen 2 ur werdz, but they do not put them into practice. Wif their mouths they expres devoshun, but their hearts r greedy 4 unjust gain.32 Inded, 2 them u r nothin moar than wan hoo sings luv songs wif beautiful voice an plays an instrument well, 4 they hear ur werdz but do not put them into practice.33 "when all dis comez true—an it surely will—den they will knoe dat profet has been among them."

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Ezekiel 33:8 or in ; also in verse
  • b - Ezekiel 33:10 or away in
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