Ezekiel 27

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Old Testament

1 O hai. Teh wurd of Ceiling Cat caem to me.2 Nao u, mortul, rayse a lamen... liman... sad song ovah Tire (on a big truk! LOL!),3 an speek to tire, wich sits at teh entance to teh see, cheezburger sellaz of teh kittehs on manee beeches, dus sez Ceiling Cat: Oh Tire, u has sed, "I am perfickt in teh cute."4 Yor boarders ar in teh hart of teh sees; yor builder d00ds made perfickt yoar kwute5 Dey maded all yor plankz of fir treez from Se'Nir; dey taked a cedar frum Lebanon to make a mast foar u.6 Frum oakz ov Ba'shan dey maded ur oars; dey maded ur deck ov pineseses from teh coasts of Cyprus (wich is a funneh place ware u get ur cheezuz), inlaid with ivory.7 Ov fien enbroidad linnan from Egpyt waz ur sale, serving az ur design; blu n purpl frum teh costs ov E.li'shah waz ur awning.

Ezekiel 27
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