Ezekiel 15

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Old Testament

1 Teh werd ov teh Ceiling Cat sed2 Son ov man, wut iz teh vine tree more than others in teh forest?3 Shall wud be taken to do stuff or will kittehs take it

4 It iz used for fuel to mek fire to keep kittens warm5 Before it wuz burned it wuz hole, how much less iz it when teh kittens burn it?

6 So teh Hover Cat meowed teh vine tree be given to teh kittens ov Jerusalem7 "They shall kno ai iz teh Ceiling Cat wen dey use teh fire. Dey hav fur to keep dem warm8 Ai will mek teh Urf ruined becuz dey hav trezpassd on mah land"

Ezekiel 15
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