Ezekiel 14

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Old Testament

1 Den camez teh kittehz of Is-rails nd dey nappd wiv me.2 Den teh Ceiling Cat speekd.3 Oh hai Bebeh of Hoomanz, teh dudz haz sets up teh avatars in teh k3z nd puts legoes in der face. Srsly.4 Uz shud says 2 ur ova dudz, Oh hai! Ceiling Cat pwnz all teh n00bz nd he sez dat if uz guys in teh Is-Rails keeps sets up der avatars nd puts legoes in ur face den he will makz u ded.5 Iz in ur Is-rails, stealinz ur legoes.6 Soes you shudz spek to Ceiling Cat nd tellz him dat uz no play wif legoes no more nd make ur facez not go bomnation.7 Evens if uz not on teh Is-Rails serva, Ceiling Cat wil still pwnz u for puts legoes in ur face.8 Srsly, if uz do, i mak u ded.9 Nd if ne of u peepz hu iz lisnin to teh lostprofitz pretndz to bez meh soes u can be teh pwnerer, i will pwn u so hard dat u will not evenz be in Is-Rail noes moar.10 Iz even sets bearz on u.11 And Ceiling Cat tollds der peepz of Is-Rail dat he wants no moar n00bz in Is-Rail, just kittehs.12 But dat was just introez. Ceiling Cat had moars to says.13 Wen der land startz to be flamezin me, i wil stretchs meh poar and pwn all ur bases.14 Noah, Daneil nd Joob, dey iz meh peepz.15 Srsly, if uz guys dnt stop been n00b i mek loadz of noiseh moocows go in ur bases so dat u iz all noyyed16 Noes secksytimez neever17 Nd if for sum stoopid reezon, uz nt pwned by all teh bearz and moocows, i will gets meh epix sword and pwn der hole lots of u. Moocows incloodud.18 Diz bit wuz juzt der same as 16, i finkz iz had lil too much catnipz.19 Srsly, if uz doodz managed to survivz my epix sword den i will get loads of penciltense and pwnz u dat way.20 Noah, Daneil nd Joob, dey iz still meh peepz. Dey is pr0z.21 Den Ceiling Cat sed, luk, after der sword and der bases and der moocows and der penciltense, iz must mek u ded.22 Den Ceiling Cat sed, but it ok, iz not a bad guy, afta i pwn all u noobz, iz mek sure dat all ur kidz r safez and not pwned.23 Nd den mebz wen u see ur kidz nd see how lawl dey are, u will understandz why i hads to pwn u so hard. Kthxbai.

Ezekiel 14
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