Exodus 40

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Old Testament
Settin Up Teh Tabernacle

1 And teh Ceiling Cat came to Moses an sez2 Teh firrst month, teh firrst day of teh month, you make a tabernacle of teh testimony kthankx3 An den yew put teh ark in it and teh veil before4 An den I can has you put in a table and some rite things. And den yew lite sum candles, for prettiness5 And hang teh testimony, ova sum gold an incense so I looks bling and smells pretty6 An den yew add an alter to teh holocaust7 Put water in betweens for mi pet crocodiles8 Den yew hang more stuff. Ceiling Cat is hard to pleaz9 Den add oil! Ceiling Cat loves teh oilz10 Did I menshion I haz a holocaust alter?11 Oilz make shit holy, put sum on teh altars feet kthanx.12 Go gets Aaron and his cru and wash them!13 Then givez them clothes coz no-one wants yew to look at their nekkidness. Then they be priests!14 An den M0ses did all dat coz he is a n00b15 He set about workin on itz16 He set up sum sockets coz he had amazing electric p0werz17 He put on a roof to show he woz not such a n00b18 when mosez set up teh tabernacle, he put teh basez in place, erectd teh framez, insertd teh crosbars an set up teh posts.19 den he spread teh tent ovar teh tabernacle an put teh coverin ovar teh tent, as teh lord commandd him.20 he took teh tablets ov teh covenant law an placd them in da ark, attachd teh polez 2 teh ark an put teh atonement covr ovar it.21 den he brought teh ark into teh tabernacle an hung teh shieldin curtain an shieldd teh ark ov teh covenant law, as teh lord commandd him.22 mosez placd teh table in da tent ov meetin on teh north side ov teh tabernacle outside teh curtain23 an set out teh bread on it before teh lord, as teh lord commandd him.24 he placd teh lampstand in da tent ov meetin opposiet teh table on teh south side ov teh tabernacle25 an set up teh lamps before teh lord, as teh lord commandd him.26 mosez placd teh gold altar in da tent ov meetin in frunt ov teh curtain27 an burnd fragrant incense on it, as teh lord commandd him.28 den he put up teh curtain at teh entrance 2 teh tabernacle.29 he set teh altar ov burnt offerin near teh entrance 2 teh tabernacle, teh tent ov meetin, an offerd on it burnt offerings an grain offerings, as teh lord commandd him.30 he placd teh basin tween teh tent ov meetin an teh altar an put watr in it 4 washin,31 an mosez an aaron an his sons usd it 2 wash their hanz an feet.32 they washd whenevr they enterd teh tent ov meetin or approachd teh altar, as teh lord commandd mosez.33 den mosez set up teh courtyard around teh tabernacle an altar an put up teh curtain at teh entrance 2 teh courtyard. an so mosez finishd teh werk.

Teh Glory of Teh Lord

34 den teh cloud coverd teh tent ov meetin, an teh glory ov teh lord filld teh tabernacle.35 mosez cud not entr teh tent ov meetin cuz teh cloud had settld on it, an teh glory ov teh lord filld teh tabernacle.36 in all teh travels ov teh israelitez, whenevr teh cloud liftd frum aboov teh tabernacle, they wud set out;37 but if teh cloud did not lift, they did not set out—til teh dai it liftd.38 so teh cloud ov teh lord wuz ovar teh tabernacle by dai, an fire wuz in da cloud by nite, in da sight ov all teh houz ov israel durin all their travels.

Exodus 40
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