Exodus 39

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Old Testament


Teh Pweestly Garmentz

1 Frum teh bloo, poorpel n' red yarn dey maded weavd clothez fer dems to ware wehn deys talkin bout ceiling cat in teh sanctooary. Dey maded dems fer Aaron to, cuz ceiling cat sez so to Moses.

Teh Effod

2 Dey maded teh effod frums gold, an teh samez yarn as teh weavd clothez, an teh effods has twistd linenz to.3 Dey hamerd teh gold sheetz an cut it so teh effods can has teh gold workd into it — Lulz, teh werk iz hard; Givez dem moar cheezburger, srsly.4 Dey maded shudlr peeses for teh effod, dey wuz atachd to two of itz cornerz, so deyz cud fassen it.5 itz skillfully woven waistband wuz liek it—ov wan piece wif teh efod an made wif gold, an wif blu, purple an scarlet yarn, an wif finely twistd linen, as teh lord commandd mosez.6 they mountd teh onyx stonez in gold filigree settings an engravd them liek seal wif teh namez ov teh sons ov israel.7 den they fastend them on teh shouldr piecez ov teh efod as memorial stonez 4 da sons ov israel, as teh lord commandd mosez.

Teh Boobpiece

8 they fashiond teh boobpiece—teh werk ov skilld craftsman. they made it liek teh efod: ov gold, an ov blu, purple an scarlet yarn, an ov finely twistd linen.9 it wuz square—a span [b] long an span wide—an foldd double.10 den they mountd 4 rows ov preshus stonez on it. teh furst row wuz carnelian, chrysolite an beryl;11 teh second row wuz turquoize, lapis lazuli an emerald;12 teh third row wuz jacinth, agate an amethyst;13 teh fourth row wuz topaz, onyx an jaspr. [c] they wuz mountd in gold filigree settings.14 thar wuz twelve stonez, wan 4 each ov teh namez ov teh sons ov israel, each engravd liek seal wif teh naym ov wan ov teh twelve tribez.15 4 da boobpiece they made braidd chains ov pure gold, liek rope.16 they made 2 gold filigree settings an 2 gold rings, an fastend teh rings 2 2 ov teh corners ov teh boobpiece.17 they fastend teh 2 gold chains 2 teh rings at teh corners ov teh boobpiece,18 an teh othr endz ov teh chains 2 teh 2 settings, attachin them 2 teh shouldr piecez ov teh efod at teh frunt.19 they made 2 gold rings an attachd them 2 teh othr 2 corners ov teh boobpiece on teh inside edge next 2 teh efod.20 den they made 2 moar gold rings an attachd them 2 teh bottom ov teh shouldr piecez on teh frunt ov teh efod, close 2 teh seam jus aboov teh waistband ov teh efod.21 they tid teh rings ov teh boobpiece 2 teh rings ov teh efod wif blu cord, connectin it 2 teh waistband so dat teh boobpiece wud not swin out frum teh efod—as teh lord commandd mosez.

Teh Otha Priestly Garments

22 they made teh robe ov teh efod entirely ov blu cloth—teh werk ov weavr—23 wif an openin in da sentr ov teh robe liek teh openin ov collar, [d] an band around dis openin, so dat it wud not tear.24 they made pomegranatez ov blu, purple an scarlet yarn an finely twistd linen around teh hem ov teh robe.25 an they made bells ov pure gold an attachd them around teh hem tween teh pomegranatez.26 teh bells an pomegranatez alternatd around teh hem ov teh robe 2 be worn 4 ministerin, as teh lord commandd mosez.27 4 aaron an his sons, they made tunics ov fine linen—teh werk ov weavr—28 an teh turban ov fine linen, teh linen caps an teh undergarments ov finely twistd linen.29 teh sash wuz ov finely twistd linen an blu, purple an scarlet yarn—teh werk ov an embroiderr—as teh lord commandd mosez.30 they made teh plate, teh sacrd emblem, out ov pure gold an engravd on it, liek an inscripshun on seal: holy 2 teh lord.31 den they fastend blu cord 2 it 2 attach it 2 teh turban, as teh lord commandd mosez.

Moses Cats Inspects Teh Tabernacle

32 so all teh werk on teh tabernacle, teh tent ov meetin, wuz completd. teh israelitez did evrythin jus as teh lord commandd mosez.33 33 den they brought teh tabernacle 2 mosez: teh tent an all itz furnishings, itz clasps, framez, crosbars, posts an basez;34 teh coverin ov ram skins dyd red an teh coverin ov anothr durable leathr [e] an teh shieldin curtain;35 teh ark ov teh covenant law wif itz polez an teh atonement covr;36 teh table wif all itz articlez an teh bread ov teh presence;37 teh pure gold lampstand wif itz row ov lamps an all itz accesoriez, an teh oil 4 da light;38 teh gold altar, teh anointin oil, teh fragrant incense, an teh curtain 4 da entrance 2 teh tent;39 teh bronze altar wif itz bronze gratin, itz polez an all itz utensils; teh basin wif itz stand;40 teh curtains ov teh courtyard wif itz posts an basez, an teh curtain 4 da entrance 2 teh courtyard; teh ropez an tent pegs 4 da courtyard; all teh furnishings 4 da tabernacle, teh tent ov meetin;41 an teh woven garments worn 4 ministerin in da sanctuary, both teh sacrd garments 4 aaron teh priest an teh garments 4 his sons when servin as priests.42 teh israelitez had dun all teh werk jus as teh lord had commandd mosez.43 mosez inspectd teh werk an saw dat they had dun it jus as teh lord had commandd. so mosez chezburgrd them.

Teh Footnotes
  • a - exodus 39:2 or he; also in versez 7, 8 an 22
  • b - exodus 39:9 dat iz, bout 9 inchez or bout 22.5 sentimeters
  • c - exodus 39:13 teh precize identificashun ov sum ov thees preshus stonez iz uncertain.
  • d - exodus 39:23 teh meanin ov teh hebrew 4 dis werd iz uncertain.
  • e - exodus 39:34 posibly teh hidez ov dugongs
Exodus 39
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