Exodus 36

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Old Testament

1 So bezalel, oholiab an evry skilld person 2 whom teh lord has giaven skill an ability 2 knoe how 2 carry out all teh werk ov constructin teh sanctuary r 2 do teh werk jus as teh lord has commandd."2 den mosez summond bezalel an oholiab an evry skilld person 2 whom teh lord had given ability an hoo wuz willin 2 come an do teh werk.3 they receivd frum mosez all teh offerings teh israelitez had brought 2 carry out teh werk ov constructin teh sanctuary. an teh peeps continud 2 brin freewill offerings mornin aftr mornin.4 so all teh skilld werkers hoo wuz doin all teh werk on teh sanctuary left wut they wuz doin5 an sed 2 mosez, "teh peeps r bringin moar than enough 4 doin teh werk teh lord commandd 2 be dun."6 den mosez gaev an ordr an they sent dis werd throughout teh camp: "no man or woman iz 2 mak anythin else as an offerin 4 da sanctuary." an so teh peeps wuz restraind frum bringin moar,7 cuz wut they already had wuz moar than enough 2 do all teh werk.

Teh Tabernacle

8 all dose hoo wuz skilld among teh werkers made teh tabernacle wif 10 curtains ov finely twistd linen an blu, purple an scarlet yarn, wif cherubim werkd into them by expert hanz.9 all teh curtains wuz teh same size—twenty-8 cubits long an 4 cubits wide. [a]10 they joind 5 ov teh curtains togethr an did teh same wif teh othr 5.11 den they made loops ov blu material along teh edge ov teh end curtain in wan set, an teh same wuz dun wif teh end curtain in da othr set.12 they also made fifty loops on wan curtain an fifty loops on teh end curtain ov teh othr set, wif teh loops opposiet each othr.13 den they made fifty gold clasps an usd them 2 fasten teh 2 sets ov curtains togethr so dat teh tabernacle wuz unit.14 they made curtains ov goat hair 4 da tent ovar teh tabernacle—eleven altogethr.15 all eleven curtains wuz teh same size—thirty cubits long an 4 cubits wide. [b]16 they joind 5 ov teh curtains into wan set an teh othr 6 into anothr set.17 den they made fifty loops along teh edge ov teh end curtain in wan set an also along teh edge ov teh end curtain in da othr set.18 they made fifty bronze clasps 2 fasten teh tent togethr as unit.19 den they made 4 da tent coverin ov ram skins dyd red, an ovar dat coverin ov teh othr durable leathr. [c]20 they made upright framez ov acacia wood 4 da tabernacle.21 each frame wuz 10 cubits long an cubit an half wide, [d]22 wif 2 projecshuns set parallel 2 each othr. they made all teh framez ov teh tabernacle in dis wai.23 they made twenty framez 4 da south side ov teh tabernacle24 an made forty silvr basez 2 go undr them—2 basez 4 each frame, wan undr each projecshun.25 4 da othr side, teh north side ov teh tabernacle, they made twenty framez26 an forty silvr basez—2 undr each frame.27 they made 6 framez 4 da far end, dat iz, teh west end ov teh tabernacle,28 an 2 framez wuz made 4 da corners ov teh tabernacle at teh far end.29 at thees 2 corners teh framez wuz double frum teh bottom all teh wai 2 teh top an fittd into single ring; both wuz made alike.30 so thar wuz 8 framez an sixteen silvr basez—2 undr each frame.31 they also made crosbars ov acacia wood: 5 4 da framez on wan side ov teh tabernacle,32 5 4 dose on teh othr side, an 5 4 da framez on teh west, at teh far end ov teh tabernacle.33 they made teh sentr crosbar so dat it extendd frum end 2 end at teh middle ov teh framez.34 they overlaid teh framez wif gold an made gold rings 2 hold teh crosbars. they also overlaid teh crosbars wif gold.35 they made teh curtain ov blu, purple an scarlet yarn an finely twistd linen, wif cherubim werkd into it by expert hanz.36 they made 4 posts ov acacia wood 4 it an overlaid them wif gold. they made gold hookz 4 them an cast their 4 silvr basez.37 4 da entrance 2 teh tent they made curtain ov blu, purple an scarlet yarn an finely twistd linen—teh werk ov an embroiderr;38 an they made 5 posts wif hookz 4 them. they overlaid teh tops ov teh posts an their bandz wif gold an made their 5 basez ov bronze.

Teh Footnotes
  • a - exodus 36:9 dat iz, bout 42 feet long an 6 feet wide or bout 13 meters long an 1.8 meters wide
  • b - exodus 36:15 dat iz, bout 45 feet long an 6 feet wide or bout 13.5 meters long an 1.8 meters wide
  • c - exodus 36:19 posibly teh hidez ov dugongs
  • d - exodus 36:21 dat iz, bout 15 feet long an 2 1/4 feet wide or bout 4.5 meters long an 67 sentimeters
Exodus 36
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