Exodus 31

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Old Testament
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1. An teh Ceiling Cat sayed to Moses
2. Lookz, I have sayed to Bezalel, son uv Uri, son uv Hur of teh tribe uv Judah, "O hai!"
3. An I hav filled him wit mai spirt, an wit teh smartz to do all stuff
4. Laik playin' with teh shinies
5. An with teh rocks and teh ded trees
6. An he an Elihav teh son uv Achisamach will do tings I laiks
7. An dey will makes teh mtg tent an teh ark uv teh lawz an its cuvering an all its baskits
8. An teh tabul an its baskits, an teh pur lamp an its baskits, an teh lolcatnip alter
9. An teh alter for givin gooshyfood to Ceiling Cat,

Exodus 31
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