Exodus 3

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Old Testament
v 3. "OMG dis bush, dis bush, dis bush iz on fire!"
Moses n teh burnin bush

1 Moses takes teh sheeples to teh Ceiling Cat mountain.2 I'm in ur bush, burnin, not consumin.3 Moses sez "OMG dis bush, dis bush, dis bush iz on fire! An iz still on teh fires!"

4 n Ceiling Cat sez "Moses Moses! Yo over teh here!" n Moses be liek, "wut"

5 n Ceiling Cat sez "Takes off ur shoos, dis be holiez placez.6 I be teh Ceiling Cat. All ur dadz are belong to me. n Moses wuz scared.

7 Ceiling Cat sez: "All yez ppl b sad. I seed dat.8 Iz coming to saves dem an brng lotz ov cheezburgrs an milks. And honeys.9 I hearz teh ppls cryin an stuf an teh bad guys with teh pyramids iz bad guys.10 Sew, I iz snding U to teh ppl to saves teh ppl, k?"

11 n Moses wuz all liek, "Wuh? Me? Nowai!"12 n Ceiling Cat wuz liek, "Wai. I helping U, and U bring teh ppls to wrship teh Ceiling Cat at Ceiling Cat mountain.

13 n Moses wuz liek, "Wut if teh peeps say, who iz dat guy there?"

14 n Ceiling Cat wuz leik, "I yam who I yam.

15 4evrs dat b me.

16 Tell teh pplz i see dem, an they scard.17 Tell teh pplz about the cheezburgrs."

18 Teh pplz say to U OMG, cool!19 Teh bad gyptions go BOO, no way man.20 Teh smitng an ouches for teh gyptians will smack down them.

21 an teh pplz will take all teh stuff ov teh bad dudes.22 Takes deys stufs an toys an playstashunz an puters an things of dem.

Exodus 3
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