Exodus 28

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Old Testament


teh priestly garments

1 "has aaron ur brothr brought 2 u frum among teh israelitez, along wif his sons nadab an abihu, eleazar an ithamar, so they cud serve me as priests.2 mak sacrd garments 4 ur brothr aaron 2 giv him dignity an honor.3 tell all teh skilld werkers 2 whom i has given wisdom in such matters dat they r 2 mak garments 4 aaron, 4 his consecrashun, so he cud serve me as priest.4 thees r teh garments they r 2 mak: boobpiece, an efod, robe, woven tunic, turban an sash. they r 2 mak thees sacrd garments 4 ur brothr aaron an his sons, so they cud serve me as priests.5 has them use gold, an blu, purple an scarlet yarn, an fine linen.

teh efod

6 "mak teh efod ov gold, an ov blu, purple an scarlet yarn, an ov finely twistd linen—teh werk ov skilld hanz.7 it 2 has 2 shouldr piecez attachd 2 2 ov itz corners, so it can be fastend.8 itz skillfully woven waistband iz 2 be liek it—ov wan piece wif teh efod an made wif gold, an wif blu, purple an scarlet yarn, an wif finely twistd linen.9 "taek 2 onyx stonez an engrave on them teh namez ov teh sons ov israel10 in da ordr ov their birf—6 namez on wan stone an teh remainin 6 on teh othr.11 engrave teh namez ov teh sons ov israel on teh 2 stonez teh wai gem cuttr engravez seal. den mount teh stonez in gold filigree settings12 an fasten them on teh shouldr piecez ov teh efod as memorial stonez 4 da sons ov israel. aaron iz 2 bear teh namez on his shoulders as memorial before teh lord.13 mak gold filigree settings 14 an 2 braidd chains ov pure gold, liek rope, an attach teh chains 2 teh settings.

teh boobpiece

15 "fashion boobpiece 4 makin decishuns—teh werk ov skilld hanz. mak it liek teh efod: ov gold, an ov blu, purple an scarlet yarn, an ov finely twistd linen.16 it 2 be square—a span [a] long an span wide—an foldd double.17 den mount 4 rows ov preshus stonez on it. teh furst row shall be carnelian, chrysolite an beryl;18 teh second row shall be turquoize, lapis lazuli an emerald;19 teh third row shall be jacinth, agate an amethyst;20 teh fourth row shall be topaz, onyx an jaspr. [b] mount them in gold filigree settings.21 thar r 2 be twelve stonez, wan 4 each ov teh namez ov teh sons ov israel, each engravd liek seal wif teh naym ov wan ov teh twelve tribez.22 "4 da boobpiece mak braidd chains ov pure gold, liek rope.23 mak 2 gold rings 4 it an fasten them 2 2 corners ov teh boobpiece.24 fasten teh 2 gold chains 2 teh rings at teh corners ov teh boobpiece,25 an teh othr endz ov teh chains 2 teh 2 settings, attachin them 2 teh shouldr piecez ov teh efod at teh frunt.26 mak 2 gold rings an attach them 2 teh othr 2 corners ov teh boobpiece on teh inside edge next 2 teh efod.27 mak 2 moar gold rings an attach them 2 teh bottom ov teh shouldr piecez on teh frunt ov teh efod, close 2 teh seam jus aboov teh waistband ov teh efod.28 teh rings ov teh boobpiece r 2 be tid 2 teh rings ov teh efod wif blu cord, connectin it 2 teh waistband, so dat teh boobpiece will not swin out frum teh efod.29 "whenevr aaron enters teh holy place, he will bear teh namez ov teh sons ov israel ovar his hart on teh boobpiece ov decishun as continuin memorial before teh lord.30 also put teh urim an teh thummim in da boobpiece, so they cud be ovar aarons hart whenevr he enters teh presence ov teh lord. thus aaron will always bear teh meanz ov makin decishuns 4 da israelitez ovar his hart before teh lord.

teh othr priestly garments

31 "mak teh robe ov teh efod entirely ov blu cloth,32 wif an openin 4 da head in itz sentr. thar shall be woven edge liek collar [c] around dis openin, so dat it will not tear.33 mak pomegranatez ov blu, purple an scarlet yarn around teh hem ov teh robe, wif gold bells tween them.34 teh gold bells an teh pomegranatez r 2 alternate around teh hem ov teh robe.35 aaron must wear it when he ministers. teh sound ov teh bells will be herd when he enters teh holy place before teh lord an when he comez out, so dat he will not dye.36 "mak plate ov pure gold an engrave on it as on seal: holy 2 teh lord.37 fasten blu cord 2 it 2 attach it 2 teh turban; it 2 be on teh frunt ov teh turban.38 it will be on aarons forehead, an he will bear teh guilt involvd in da sacrd gifts teh israelitez consecrate, whatevr their gifts cud be. it will be on aarons forehead continually so dat they will be acceptable 2 teh lord.39 "weave teh tunic ov fine linen an mak teh turban ov fine linen. teh sash iz 2 be teh werk ov an embroiderr.40 mak tunics, sashez an caps 4 aarons sons 2 giv them dignity an honor.41 aftr u put thees clothez on ur brothr aaron an his sons, anoint an ordain them. consecrate them so they cud serve me as priests.42 mak linen undergarments as coverin 4 da body, reachin frum teh waist 2 teh thigh.43 aaron an his sons must wear them whenevr they entr teh tent ov meetin or approach teh altar 2 ministr in da holy place, so dat they will not incur guilt an dye. "dis ar teh 2 be lastin ordinance 4 aaron an his descendants.

Teh Footnotes
  • a - exodus 28:16 dat iz, bout 9 inchez or bout 22.5 sentimeters
  • b - exodus 28:20 teh precize identificashun ov sum ov thees preshus stonez iz uncertain.
  • c - exodus 28:32 teh meanin ov teh hebrew 4 dis werd iz uncertain.
Exodus 28
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