Exodus 2

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Old Testament
  1. Sum guye wented to Levi's place an marryed hiz doter.
  2. An the doter hd a bayby who wuz a boi so she hided himm.
  3. So she decided to do wot Pharo saied an put hm in teh rievr but seh made a bote fur him sos he woudt drounz.
  4. An sum othar laydie wotched him flote awai.
  5. An teh Princess was nekkid in de riiver and sawed teh widdle babie and gotted him out.
  6. An teh beyby cryd, an Princess wuz liek whoah. A Hebruw.
  7. An a survant sayd shoud I gett a Hebruwe to luk affer it?
  8. An Princes she wuz liyk, yeah.
  9. Princess wuz Phoaro's daoter, btw, srsly. An she sed to teh Heberw ladie I wil gift yu monies for loking aftr teh baby. And Herbbwe layde wuz liek, whoa its my baby. Only she dint sai it ot lowd.
  10. An wen he wuz grone up, Princess wuz sayed, Ur naym is Moses, srsly.
  11. Wun dai Moses saw sum gyptian guy beting on a nother Jew.
  12. So he capped him.
  13. An then sum otha guyz whu wurr Jewz saied, Why joo do dat?
  14. An Moses wuz llike Your not teh bos of me! An thot to hisself How did tehy no bout it?
  15. An Pharo wuz liek, WHUT? GONNA KILL HIM! But Moses runnd awai to liv in Midian.
  16. An dese gurls caym to get woter for sheeples, an wuz seven of dem.
  17. An sheepleherds triyed to stop em but Moses helpd em.
  18. Teh gurls got hoem, an thier dad sayd Why joo so quik getin woter?
  19. So they tole him a bowt Moses.
  20. An ther dad wuz liek Bring hm her fr sum fode to eeat.
  21. An Moses livd wif da man an maried his doter Zipporah.
  22. An tehy haded a baby cald Gershom, an wer liek lol gershom funy name.
  23. An latr on Pharo died an all teh Jews werre llike, too much wurk.
  24. An Ceiling Cat herd em say it, and saied to hisself Oh rite. I is ment to not let that hapn.
  25. An Ceiling Cat gave props to teh Heberws, srsly.
Exodus 2
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