Esther 6

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Old Testament

1 dat nite king not slep so gud so he red his myspace entryz2 n lo! dere b myspace entry about mordecai n how he warnded king of nasty plotz of bigthana and teresh3 so king sez "mordecai can haz cheezburgrz?!", but he wuz mad and stuffs. n serventz sez "nuthin lol"

4 haman cam by 2 speak 2 king abot rope swing n mordecai.5 so king toled him 2 cum in n speke 2 him.6 n king asked haman "wot kind ov cheezburgrs shud i giv 2 thos i laik?" haman tuk it all rong and thot king wanted 4 giv haman cheezburgers

7 so haman sez "if u want giv cheezburgrs,8 u shud giv own cheezburgrs! n also horsy ride n shiny king hat n shiny king clothz9 n importnt kitteh shud lede teh kitteh u laik thru town so ppl can bow 2 him"

10 king sez "k. u can giv cheezburgrs to mordecai. also horsy ride, shiny clothz and shiny king hat."11 so haman led mordecai thru town n said "see wot happenz wen king laiks u!"12 n mordecai went bak 2 kings gayte but haman went home all mizzerble.

13 haman told posse bout bad day n posse sez "mebbe u giv up nao?"14 but they wuz inturuptded bi kingz servents who sez "u can cum 4 feast wit king n esther k?"

Esther 6
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