Esther 5

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Old Testament

1 on 3rd dai, esther putz on nice clothz to c king. king iz sat on big shiny chair2 "omg nice clothz. u can haz mi shiny stick" sez king3 "do u want somthing?"

4 "u n haman can haz tasty foodz wit me?" asks esther5 "k" sez king.

6 king haz eeten tasty foodz n asks "foodz iz good so wot u want?"7 n esther sez8 "u n haman come 4 tasty foodz agin 2moro?"

9 n haman went home v hapy but mordecai wuz being sogy blankit n refuzed 2 bow 2 him

10 so haman cald 4 posse n sed11 "lol king likez mi12 n esther cuz she askd mi 2 eet tasty foodz with her13 but mordecai iz bein all hater"

14 so hamans wife (name not matr lol) sez "ask king to make rly big rope swing and swing mordecai by nek from it lolz" n haman thot that b gud plan.

Esther 5
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