Esther 3

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Old Testament

1 Xerxes put Haman, sun of teh Agagite, in hi place2 All srvntz of king haz scared of Haman, but Mordecai no haz scared3 Srvntz axe Mordecai y u no haz scared4 Mordecai waz leik lol noobz i jew5 Haman saw wat Mordecai did there and he haz agro6 Haman h8t An want kil ded all Jews because dey do it wrong

7 At rite timez8 Haman sez 2 king thes peeps do it wrong9 Des guyz are gai

10 Hamen gotz circle from king11 King saiz do it12 King haz scribses tel ppl bout wat will happn13 Teh letterz sais kil al Jews no mater wat and take ther l00t14 Erbudy rdy up

15 King haz drinkz but othr ppl r liek wtf

Esther 3
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