Esther 10

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Old Testament

1 And teh lolking Ahasuerus haz a tribute to put on teh land, and haz to put on the isle of teh sea.

2 And all teh acts of his powerz and of his mitez, and the talkingz of teh awsumz of Mordecai, and den teh lolking addvanest him, r they not wroted in teh book of teh storyz of teh lolkings of Media and Persia?

3 For Mordecai the Jewcat wuz next unto lolking Ahasuerus, and awsum to teh Jewcatz, and wuz amused wiff his brotharz, looking for teh moniez of his fellow kittehs, and talked his kidz to be piecefull.

Esther 10
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