Ecclesiastes 8

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Old Testament
Obay teh Ceiling Cat

1 No kitteh pwnz enuff
 to be unnerstandinz evryfing.
Pwnage maks teh catz has happynezz
 it are makin teh sad oens happeh.
2 Obay teh Ceiling Cat becuz you has maed promizzes to him.3 Wen soemone saiz "OMFGCEILINGCATSUXXLOLOLOL!!1" don be all liek "tolly bro!" becuz teh Ceiling Cat is reelie teh roxxorz.4 Ceiling Cat cn eet anywunz treetz.
5 Any kitteh taht obays him sahll
 no be eatan.
 Gd catz do gd tingz at gd tiems lmao.
6 Tehr iz gd tiem an gd plaec for enyting
 but catz offen eat to meny cheezburgerz.
7 Dey canot see teh futyu
 an nobodeez gonna be tellin them, k?
8 No cat canz be controlating teh windz
 or become immortalcat.
Satincat iz no gonna be settin youz free after youz are evil so STFU!!!!11!2!@.

Justizz, Rewards an Punshmentz

9 Iz be seein dis as I wer finkin about stufs. Sometaimz a kitteh wil pwn anuver kitteh. Tha's bad stuffz.10 I wuz seein many funeruls ov bad ppl, an tehy wer honord in teh saem town taht they pwn't gd pplz in. This iz teh phail!1
11 If a kitteh iz no punishd fr doin bad fings strate away tehn moar kittehs wil becoem eval!!!1!11

Ecclesiastes 8
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