Ecclesiastes 3

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[[Category:Ecclesiastes|Ecclesiastes 3]]
[[Category:Ecclesiastes|Ecclesiastes 03]]
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Old Testament
Der's a tym 4 Ebberythng

1 sup. there has is a sison 4 everthing, and a tiems 4every purpos under teh ceiling, lol.

2 a tiemz 2 get kittehs, an a tiems 2 get ded.

3 tiemz 2 mades cookies, an also tiems 2 cheezburgers.

4 teimz 2 hugs, and loltims 4 buttsecks. u gets teh pichur.

9 what gud is it the kitteh from all that trbl?10 i has sees what all teh mans did ther, from teh ceiling cat11 teh ceiling cat mades teh bestes cookies and cheezbuergrs. but he aslo mades us wantz the invisibl sandwhiches he keep up in teh ceiling, omg, nfw.12 i knows teh invisibil cheezcakes has are not filling, but better is to do gud, liek mading cookies, upgradin ram, ect., k, srsly.13 an also of cours teh surprize buttsecks wenever possibl, lol. ceiling cat sez so.14 teh buket of cookies meads by the ceiling catz, is ful 4ever. no wai. wai!

15 now iz alredez haz been eaten. ceiling catz wants moar but iz hungree lol.

16 in teh sun iz judgd teh cookeez, an teh wikid buttsecks, an thai dont compair to teh rightisnez of teh cheezbuergrs.

17 ceiling cat iz teh judge, jury, xecushioner 4 a purpiz. itz hiz job.

18 ceiling cat gits in the est8z of men's kidz an showz them hoos bestes, so they see they has buttsecks 2.19 4 kiddiez an bestes rofl; one dies, and then another; thez cant breeth from the lolz; men an bestes make a big buttsecks sandwhich to the ceiling. Thai likez it.20 evereeone cumz from teh littursbox an goez back when they takes a break.21 men and bestes upgradez and downgradez as ceiling cat watchus.

22 i knows what it looks liek, an we should be happy, 4 their iz plenty to share: who wants sum? wink wink. tis teh sison.

Ecclesiastes 3
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