Ecclesiastes 10

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Old Testament

1 Ded meeses stinkin just liek when smart kitteh mess up.2 Smart kitteh iz rite brained. St00pid kitteh iz left brained. WTF?3 St00pid kitteh shows evreyone he'z st00pid.4 If n00b king gets in yer face, stand yer ground. Doan give in.5 I thot bout dis too, bout n00b kings.6 Folly gets respect an rich kittehs be livin on the bad sied of town. WTF?7 I seed servnts in Maseratis and rich kittehs on a Schwinn. Srsly.8 You dig dat hole, you fall in it. Clip bush an snake biet you.9 Clean up roks, dey trow roks at you. Cut wood, ax hit you. Rly.10 You no sharpen dat aks, gotta hit harder. But smarts iz gud.11 Snaeks bitin when dey wants. Talkers liek dat 2.12 Smart kittehz sayz gud stuffs, but st00pid kittehs sayz st00pid stuffs.13 Iz st00pid at teh beginnin an teh end. Srsly.14 St00pid kittehs sayz lotz wordz. No kitteh be knoen da foochur.15 St00pid kitteh needz mapz. Not knoen where to go.16 Iz bad when king is kitten and princez eatin kibble fore lunch.17 Iz gud when king is good guy wif gud parentz, and eatin cuz hungries.18 Lazy kitteh woan mayntayn hoos.19 Feastin is fer laffin and cheeburgerz maek happies. Moneys gud too.20 King kat and rich kittehs has bugged yer bed! No talkin heere!

Ecclesiastes 10
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