Ceiling Cat

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Ceiling cat (Lolcat = God of cats) is the Lolcat equivalent of God (AKA Jesus, christ etc.).

He is said in Lolcat mythology to have created all thing good and evil. His is often depicted as an orange tabby cat that looks down at the earth through a small hole in a drywall ceiling. He was the first cat to have a comical godly equivalent. He dose have an enemy named Basement Cat (Lolcat = of the Devil) it is unknown now what Basement Cat is, but he is depicted as a small black kitten with a tabby cat (Name unknown). If you look up Ceiling cat on Google and look long enough you might find a picture of an orange tabby cat looking through a small hole in a ceiling. That cat is said to be Ceiling cat (God). Therefor making it a popular picture to depict Ceiling cat.

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