Amos 4

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Old Testament

1 o hai, Bashan. You do not want hobos and has many drunks.

2 Ceiling Cat sed that you is on punishment form fish hookz.

3 Also cows has home in palass now, sed Ceiling Cat.

4 But you has to brings a money too.

5 And then you says blesses you when i's has a sneeze, Izrale, sed Ceiling Cat.

6 See, I has given you teeths and breads, but I has no prezint form you.

7 Remembers how I gives you showers?

8 And remembers how i's fills water dish, but you has no water on me?

9 I's even dones your gardinnings! Sed Ceiling Cat.

10 Evens when i is mean and no cleans your litter boxes, you has sed nothing.

11 Or sometimes I has nice to some and means to others, but quiet Izrale is quiet.

12 So Izrale, i's hopes you is ready to says hai to Ceiling Cat.

13 Creatur Ceiling Cat is Creatur.

Amos 4
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