Amos 3

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Old Testament

1 You hears Ceiling Cat, Izrale, all of you form Egypt?

2 i's stuck with you, and you's did bad, now you is on punishment.

3 We has no agreeings.

4 Why woulds lions come to cars if it has no drivers?

5 Who has jumping on babies if no babies walks in front of bush?

6 You likes loud sounds? Does bear has poop in woods? Does Ceiling Cat watch masturbaturs?

7 Ceiling Cat would put on punishment, but tells frends first!

8 Ceiling Cat says O hai! I is telling frends! They tells too!

9 So's starts climbings, cuz i's has maaaad.

10 DO NOT WANT, sed Ceiling Cat, bullees and robers.

11 Ceiling Cat sed: they is on punishment.

12 Ceiling Cat sed: I has help for some frends, you childrens comes with me.

13 Test if I, sed Ceiling Cat.

14 DO NOT WANT that cherctch.

15 DO NOT WANT any houzes, sed Ceiling Cat.

Amos 3
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