Amos 1

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Old Testament

1 Amos form Tekoa, wifout teh earfkwaik, sed dis for Izrale:

2 Sed: Ceiling Cat gona sayz hai, and teh sheeps and teh Caramelz go wayz.

3 Ceiling Cat sed Gilead no be diggins, you be on punishment.

4 So i's berns you.

5 An i's maik yous do werks too nd brake dem gatez.

6 Ceiling Cat sed Gawzuh are bad. Dey shuldnt Eatum, you be on punishment.

7 i's berns moar and nom teh castlz.

8 an anebodi else dais toos.

9 Ceiling Cat sed tirez has punishments tew.

10 i's is watching Tyrus bern and i are nom its castlz tew.

11 Ceiling Cat does not want Eatum.

12 Moar berns.

13 Ammons is on punishment tew.

14 i's is pyro on teh man.

15 So no worrys Izrael, i's put all those kings on times out, Ceiling Cat sed.

Amos 1
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