Acts 22

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New Testament

1 "Catz, listenz to wot i got to sez bout me.

2 (When dey hears him talk Hebreu, dey wos quiet an listen'd. an' he sed,)

3 i is Jooish cat, born in Tarsus, but i wos tought by teh paws of Gamaliel bout teh laws an stuff bout Ceiling Cat.

4 i persucooted teh cristan kittehs, puttin bof moma catz and dada catz in jailz.

5 as teh high dood is witness wit teh elders, i gotz letterz an went to Damascus. i took dese cristan catz and bringd dem bound to Jerusalem, to b punished.

6 travlin to Damascus was i, and suddenleh celing cat showed a lihgt on meh!.

7 so i's fell to teh grounnd fearful. and ceiling cat sez paul cat paul cat why yoo persecuits me?.

8 whos spaeks meh sez i. and he sez it is meh, jeebus, whoo yo be persecuit.

9 the catz wit me saw teh bright lightz an don't understand.

10 so i saiz what do i do ceiling cat?.

Acts 22
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