Acts 16

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New Testament
Timothy joynez teh Paul an teh Silas

So den Paul camez to Derbe an den to Lystra. Der wuz a desypul naymed Timothy der. Timothy mom wuz a she-joo an she bileevd in teh Ceiling Cat. Buts Timothy dad wuz a greek!! Al teh bruthurz wer liek "Ya Timothy iz kewl. Him stil livd wit hiz mom but him stil kewl." An Paul wuz liek "I wants to be bringin hims wit me!!" and teh bruthurz wer leik "Okai." So dey finds teh Timothy an dey cutd sum skins frum teh tipz ov hiz penes so teh joos would no eated him. Timothy sedz "Ouww!!!!! Wai yu do dat!!!???" an Paul an teh bruthurz sedz "So teh joos no eated yu cuz yu lookz greek!" an Timothy wuz liek "Ya, butz dat hurted!!! Oh wayt itz lookes biggr!! Srsly u guyz Iz biggr! Srsly!!!" Den dey wents frum townz to townz tellin teh peeps wut teh apostles an teh old peeps in teh Jerusalem disaideds for evryone to do. An evry dai teh cherch gots mor strongz an der wuz mor an mor peepz evry dai.

Paul dreamz teh peep in teh Macedoniaz

Paul an hiz peeps went tru teh Phyragia an teh Galatia cuz HovrCat no wantz dem preechen teh Jebus in Asia. Den dey comes to teh edg ov Mysia an wen dey tryd to gets to Bithynia teh speeritz ov Jebus wuz liek "No Wai!!! yu shal no pass!!!!" So dey kept goins downs to teh Troas. Den wen he wuz sleepin Paul seez a doods frum Macidonia siayin "Srsly, Paul! comz to teh Macidonia an heplz us!!!!!! Srsly!!!!!" Den wen Paul wokeded upz he wents to teh Macidonia cuz teh Ceiling Cat wantzed hims to.

Acts 16
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