Acts 14

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New Testament
Paul an Barnabas in Iconium

1 kk, so teh saem ting happun in Iconium. Paul an Barnabas went to teh tempul an preechded so gud dat lots ov kittehs becaem Kittetians.2 Sum ov teh bad kittehs changeded Ceiling Cat's messuj an liek poisond teh mindz of teh kittehs against Paul and Barnabas.3 But dey wer der long tiem in teh town, preachin teh grace of Ceiling Cat. An Paul an Barnabas got liek powrs to do meericles an stuf, srsly.4 But soem peeps sited wif teh Jewcats, an soem wif teh apawsles.5 Den a lots ov kittehs deesided to be ghey an thro rocks at dem.6 Wen teh apawsles fownd owt, dey ran away to Lycaonia to teh towns ov Lystra an Derbe in stuf so dat teh badkitties wudnt pwn dem.7 An dey preechded teh gud news der.

STILL TO BE TRANSLATED: Verses 8 through 28

Acts 14
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