3 John 1

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New Testament

1 The Eldr, 2 mah dear frend gaius, whom I luv in da truth.
2 Dear frend, I pray dat u cud enjoy gud health an dat all cud go well wif u, even as ur soul iz gettin along well.
3 It gaev me great joy 2 has sum brothers come an tell bout ur faithfulnes 2 teh truth an how u continue 2 walk in da truth.
4 I has no greatr joy than 2 hear dat mah children r walkin in da truth.
5 Dear frend, u r faithful in wut u r doin 4 da brothers, even though they r strangers 2 u.
6 They has told teh church bout ur luv. U will do well 2 send them on their wai in mannr worthy ov Ceilin Cat.
7 It wuz 4 da saek ov teh naym dat they went out, receivin no halp frum teh paganz.
8 We ought therefore 2 show hospitality 2 such doodz so dat we cud werk togethr 4 da truth.
9 I wrote 2 teh church, but diotrefez, hoo lovez 2 be furst, will has nothin 2 do wif us.
10 So if i come, im gonna call attenshun 2 wut he iz doin, gosipin maliciously bout us. Not satisfid wid dat, he refusez 2 welcom teh brothers. He also stops dose hoo wants 2 do so an puts them out ov teh church.
11 Dear frend, do not imitate wut iz evil but wut iz gud. Anyone hoo doez wut iz gud iz frum Ceilin Cat. Anyone hoo doez wut iz evil has not seen Ceilin Cat.
12 Demetrius iz well spoken ov by evryone—an even by teh truth itself. We also speek well ov him, an u knoe dat r testimony iz true.
13 I has mutch 2 rite u, but i no wants 2 do so wif pen an ink.
14 I hope 2 c u soon, an we will talk face 2 face. Peace 2 u. Teh frenz her send their greetings. Greet teh frenz thar by naym.

3 John 1
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