3 John 1

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{{New Testament}}
{{New Testament}}

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New Testament

1 Teh old kitteh Gaius, iz luvvin him, srsly.2 Iz wishun joo all teh gud thingz, and yr inneh kitteh iz gud 2.3 I has parteh, wehn iz knowun joo is gud leik cheezburguz.4 For I has no bigguh parteh dan for teh cheezburgeh.5 Joo iz gud 2 us kittehz an to everywun6 An they is winussin dis an is joing joo in worshuppun teh Ceiling cat.7 Jus cus of his namez and nuthun 2 do wiv teh Gentiles.8 All us kittehs shuld be leik joo, an help ottahs worshup.9 Iz meowed at Diotrephes but him dusnt listen.10 Iz gonna remember him cus he is dus teh bad things an meowz bad meowz an is sayin other kitteh iznt allowud 2 worshup.11 Dun folluw teh eval kitteh. Him taht dus gud folluhs teh Ceiling Cat, kitteh taht dus eval cant see teh Ceiling Cat.12 Demetrius iz meowin gud thingz about kittehs an truthz an this iz writteneded down.13 I wus also goin teh writeded stuff, but iznt gun to now.14 Instaed iz gunna meow it 2 yr facez. Paece 2 joo, hai 2 joo an yr frendz.

3 John 1
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