2 Timothy 2

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New Testament

B Strongz

1 Yu, mai sun, u b strongz in teh grayz in Jebus.2 And stufs yu herd me sez wif lotz peeps 2 lisen, giv to gud cats and gud hoomans. Dey tellz otehrs.3 B gud kittehs even if ther be no cheezburgers cuz Jebus sai so. Srsly.4 Dun bofer wif fites of lil stufs – jus do wut Ceiling Cat sez.5 If yu play gamez, yu only getz cookies if yuz play wif rulez.6 Werk hrd an get furst cookie.7 Fink bout dis lotz an TopCat halp lotz.

8 Dun furget Jebus, razed frum ded, gransun uv DavidCat.9 Ai hav long dais n cage wif no cheezburger. But, werdz ov Ceiling Cat no in cage.10 Ai b gud kitteh, so otehrs can hav grayz frum Jebus.

11 heeyer iz a fing dat iz trustwurvy

ifs weez iz killeded wiv Ceiling Cat

weez is gonna liv wiv him in da ceiling wiv da cookys.12 ifs weez iz not givin in
weez will awzo b big n scarewy and pokz pplz.

ifs weez iz dissn cieling cat

him will b dissn weez.13 ifs weez iz fayfless
hims will still b fayfful
coz him canot b dissn himzelf. Srsly.

14 we haz 2 remember dis. not fer cookies, but fer teh cheezburgerz.

2 Timothy 2
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