2 Thessalonians 2

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New Testament
Teh Manz uf Lawlzlessnesses

1 Reegardins teh commin of ar Lawrd Baby Jeebus Chrst n ar bein gafverd 2 hem, we axt u, bruthrs,2 not to becum eesily sceerd or alrmeds by sum professy, reprt or ledder supose to be frum us, saizin that teh dai o teh Lawrd hads alreddy camed.3 Dun let enewon trickses joo, fur tat dai wil not comes intel teh rebbelyon goes n teh mans of lawzlessnesses is can be showd, teh man dooomd to destruxon!!!4 Him does not want and will sais hisself is awwsumr tahn Ceiling Cat, so taht he can has hole in ceiling for hissef.

5 Dun u ramembr dat I toll joo dis befor?6 N naow u no whut are stopsings him, so it can be rite tiemz for him to be seed.7 Fur teh secrt pawres of lawzlessnesses iz can bes alreddy at wurkz; butt teh ones who nahw holdser it baks wil keeps doin it til he no doez it no moar.8 Den teh lawzles 1 can be showed, an teh Lawrd Baby Jesus wil beets him up wif his bad bref an jus beein awesomez.9 Teh lawzlez wun comins is wil be liek teh wurk of Basement Cat, wif awl kiens of fayk miraculs an sines an wundrs,10 an in evry sort of ebils taht trickses dos hu r diein, srsly. Dey dies becuz dey no luvs teh troof an so no can has cheezburgr.11 Fore dis reesun Ceiling Cat sands dem catnip so dat dey wil beleeve teh lies12 an' so dat awl wil be doomd hu has not beleevd teh troof but has delietd in takin bukkits.

Stan Ferms!

13 Butt we awt alweyz to bes tankin Cieling Cat 4 joo, bruddrs luvd by teh Lawrds, becuz frum teh beginnin Ceiling Cat chosded joo to be saevs tru teh sanctfyn wurk of teh Hovr Cat an tru beleevin in teh troof.14 He callded joo to dis tru ar gaspl, so 4 you to has sum of da glury of ar Lawrd Baby Jeebus Crist.15 So den, bruddrs, stan ferms an huld to teh teechins we past on to joos, bai talkins or riteins.

2 Thessalonians 2
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