2 Samuel 9

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Old Testament
David an Mephibosheth

1 So Devid ses "r ther any kats left frm haus f Sawl?"2 Zeeba wz a hoomin hu fed teh katz in teh haus f Sawl, n Devid ses, "r yoo Zeeba?" n he goes "ya" n Devid ses "O RLY?" n he ses "YA RLY!" n Devid goes "NO WAY!" n Zeeba goes "YA WAY!"3 so Devid ses "I can has grandson f Sawl?" n Zeeba ses "YA! but he no can has walking!" an Devid goes "srsly?" n Zeeba ses "Ya, srsly!"

4 Now Devid ses "Wr is dis grandson?" n Zeeba goes "Hes in da haus f dis cat Machir in Lodebar Alee!5 Devid ses "I can has talk wit dis kitten?"

6 Mefibseta, teh granson, coems ovr an ses "O Devid! iz pwned by u!"7 But Devid ses "no waa man! u need ur grandcatz alleee bak! u can has cheezburger in ma palaz any taim!8 An Devid ses "u pwn me man!"9 den Devid ses "Zeeba! get dis cats allee back to him!"10 "u b a gud hoomin for dis cat now zeeba!"11 now zeeba ses "ya way devid! iz duin wat u askd!" [a]12 mefibseta has kitty now, he has name "Maika",13 an all ws as Devid sed.

Teh Footnote
  • a - 2 samuel 9:11 septuagint; hebrew mah
2 Samuel 9
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