2 Samuel 9

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Old Testament

David an Mephibosheth

1 So Devid ses "r ther any kats left frm haus f Sawl?"2 Zeeba wz a hoomin hu fed teh katz in teh haus f Sawl, n Devid ses, "r yoo Zeeba?" n he goes "ya" n Devid ses "O RLY?" n he ses "YA RLY!" n Devid goes "NO WAY!" n Zeeba goes "YA WAY!"3 so Devid ses "I can has grandson f Sawl?" n Zeeba ses "YA! but he no can has walking!" an Devid goes "srsly?" n Zeeba ses "Ya, srsly!"4 Now Devid ses "Wr is dis grandson?" n Zeeba goes "Hes in da haus f dis cat Machir in Lodebar Alee!5 Devid ses "I can has talk wit dis kitten?"6 Mefibseta, teh granson, coems ovr an ses "O Devid! iz pwned by u!"7 But Devid ses "no waa man! u need ur grandcatz alleee bak! u can has cheezburger in ma palaz any taim!8 An Devid ses "u pwn me man!"9 den Devid ses "Zeeba! get dis cats allee back to him!"10 "u b a gud hoomin for dis cat now zeeba!"11 now zeeba ses "ya way devid! iz duin wat u askd!" [a]12 mefibseta has kitty now, he has name "Maika",13 an all ws as Devid sed.

Teh Footnote

  • a - 2 samuel 9:11 septuagint; hebrew mah
2 Samuel 9
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