2 Samuel 22

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Old Testament
2 Samuel 22
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  an den David lolspeekd to Jehohvuh, n he wuz singn stufz buot hiz 
   Ceiling Cat be teh win.

    "Jehohvuh, he r mai stwong d00d, srs,  and he halp meh git 
     outa bad stufz liek al teh timz.
     Mai Ceiling Cat, He r mai big stwong kitteh. Iz hid under hiz stwong 
     pawz, srs. Mai sheld maek me saefs in teh airz. Mai big fliing pwace = 
     my Ceiling Cat; yuo r savz me frum pwnge frum teh 1337.
     i r giv kitylovz to Jehhovuh an i r git wescuued fwum more pwnge.
     den waterz cum in n scard meh lotz.
     wopes tangld meh up an daeth peekd in mai kityeyez.
     i knoewd Jehhovuh wud cum savd meh, but iz cawl 4 Ceiling Cat to.
     den fwum deh majik kiteh littr bocks, Ceiling Cat dun herd mai cawl.
     den big erffqwakes made meh skwamble awound and git awl dizzeh. 
     even teh ceiling cwacked a wittle cuz Ceiling Cat can haz angwy.

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