2 Kings 11

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Old Testament
2 Kings 11
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1 Kings 1 Chronicles 2 Kings 10 2 Kings 12

1 An wen Athaliah (Ahazhiaz m0m) fownd owt her son wuz ded, she went an pwned a hole bunch of royal kittehs. 2 Cept Jehosheba, teh dotter uv teh king Joram and Ahazhiaz sissy, taked Joash (Ahazhiaz kitteh), an hided him so he didn't get pwned like teh kings uver kittehs, cuz him an his nurse wuz in teh bedroom, so Athaliah cudn't find him an pwn him. 3 So he hided wif Jehosheba in Jehovahs place for six yeers. An Athaliah was teh top kitteh. 4 An then, in teh next yeer, Jehoiada bringed teh hed kittehs dat had hundrids of Carites and guards dat followed dem, an dey had to pinky sware in teh house uv Jehovah, and den he showed dem teh king's boy-kitteh. 5 Den he wuz all, dis is wut u gotta do: out of three kittehs dat goes in on Caturday, one gots to watch teh king's howse. 6 An one gots to be at teh Sur gate, and one gots to be at teh gate behind teh gard. An pownce on inibodee dat comes neer, so dey don't break teh house. 7 Teh other two groups in yu will haz all dose whu arez leavingz on teh Caturday; dey will keepz teh Temple Of Ceiling Cat, for teh kingz.

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