2 Corinthians 9

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New Testament

1 there iz no ned 4 me 2 rite 2 u bout dis service 2 teh saints.2 For i knoe ur eagernes 2 halp, an i has been boastin bout it 2 teh macedonianz, tellin them dat since last yer u in achaia wuz ready 2 giv; an ur enthusiasm has stirrd most ov them 2 acshun.3 Butt im sendin teh brothers in ordr dat r boastin bout u in dis mattr shud not proov hollow, but dat u cud be ready, as i sed u wud be.4 4 if any macedonianz come wif me an find u unprepard, we - not 2 say anythin bout u - wud be ashamd ov havin been so confident.5 So i thot it necesary 2 urge teh brothers 2 visit u in advance an finish teh arrangements 4 da generous gift u had promisd. Den it will be ready as generous gift, not as wan grudgingly given.

Sowin generously

6 Remembr dis: whoevr sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, an whoevr sows generously will also reap generously.7 Each man shud giv wut he has decidd in his hart 2 giv, not reluctantly or undr compulshun, 4 ceilin cat lovez cheerful givr!8 And ceilin cat iz able 2 mak all grace abound 2 u, so dat in all things at all tiems, havin all dat u ned, u will abound in evry gud werk!9 As it written: "he has scatterd abroad his gifts 2 teh poor; His righteousnes endurez forevr."[a]10 Now he hoo suppliez sed 2 teh sowr an bread 4 fud will also supply an increase ur store ov sed an will enlarge teh harvest ov ur righteousnes.11 You will be made rich in evry wai so dat u can be generous on evry occashun, an thru us ur generosity will result in thanksgivin 2 ceilin cat!12 This service dat u perform iz not only supplyin teh needz ov ceilin cats peeps but iz also overflowin in lotz da expreshuns ov thx 2 ceilin cat.13 Because ov teh service by which u has provd yourselvez, doodz will praize ceilin cat 4 da obedience dat accompaniez ur confeshun ov teh gospel ov christ, an 4 ur generosity in sharin wif them an wif evryone else.14 And in their prayers 4 u their hearts will go out 2 u, cuz ov teh surpasin grace ceilin cat has given u.15 Thankz be 2 ceilin cat 4 his indescribable gift!

Teh Footnote

2 Corinthians 9
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