2 Corinthians 4

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New Testament

Treshurs in Jarz of Clay

1 An so, havesing teh ministry, evun as we can has mercy, we do not has a fainting. 2 Invisible things of shame DO NOT WANT! Having a tricky times, DO NOT WANT! Meking teh wurdz of Ceiling Cat difurent, DO NOT WANT! Showing teh trufs, is wat maek teh pepuls before Ceiling Cat say "ok, u cool." 3 If is invisible gospel, is invisible gospel to teh people what who don't know what's going on around here. 4 Ceiling Cat maded so the people who say "Ceiling Cat where?" can only see invisible everything, an so lite from teh gospel an glory of Happy Cat (what who is like picture ov Ceiling Cat) can not be in their base. 5 We no is teh Lord, teh Lord is teh Happy Cat we sez! We are not-payed-workers for Happy Cat. 6 This is becuz Ceiling Cat has sayed [a], hearts say you can has briteness of teh knowings about teh glory of Ceiling Cat in teh face of Happy Cat. 7 We be havin dis heer treshur en our littul kitteh bodehs, dis the supa-cool powah iz of Ceiling Cat. 8 Aul rownd dehr be trubel, but no worrehs; we be confuzed, but we not be cryin. 9 Atakked; but not disrememburd. Pusht, but not broked. 10 Forevur helding in teh bodees da dyin of de Lord Jebus, taht teh lief two of Jebuz mite be maded in our's bodees. 11 Four we be livin allwayz can has cheezburgur for Jebus's saek, taht teh lief two of Jebuz mite be maded in our's dieable flesh. 12 So den, def wurks in us, but lief in yu. 13 We has teh saem spirut of fayth, accordion az it iz wroten, I beleafed, an derefour has I speakeded; [b] we two beleaf, and derefour speaks; 14 Noing tat him witch rayses up Happy Cat iz gonna be raysed by Him offa da floor 15 Fur all da stuffs ar four you's saiks, taht teh many graise mite thru teh thnxgivin of lotz giv to da glory of Ceiling Cat. 16 Four wich cuz we not napz; but tho our outie cat die, yet teh innie cat is f5'd erry day. 17 Fir our lite suffurin, wich iz but only littul tiemz, wurk fur us a many lotz farder an furevar glory; 18 Whyul we luk not at teh fesabel stuffs, but at teh enfesabel stuffs: fur the stuffs wich ar fesable be tempowawy; but the stuffs wich ar enfesable be furevar!

Teh Footnotes
  • a - Genesis 1:3
  • b - Psalm 116:10
2 Corinthians 4
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