2 Chronicles 9

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Old Testament

1 When Sheba heared Soloman beez da bomb, her maed shur hims wantz her gud, so her laid out n frnt of all hims kittys, gold, cheezburgers and catnip, so hims be liek woah, yous da hot kitty.

2 Solomon sais Iz telz yous erything Iz no: thair wz noting hidz from she, not evn catnip.

3 Sheba sees da smartz of Solomon, an the houz that hims had maed,

4 An the cheezburger of hims table, and the srvice of hims h00menz, andz hows hes kittinz luvs hims, andz hows hes fudzbowl bringrs works also, and theys clothes; and hims likes by the Ceiling Cat; and shes feel weak.

5 An her sed 2 teh kingz, it wuz true dey sayz in maiz homes of youz acts an wisdum:

6 I believd not thair werdz, til mine eyez seens it: an, for really, teh not now nuttin: yous evan bombr dat mes herd.

7 happeh r doodz, an h00mans, an kittyz yous guvern; yous wize

8 blessd be teh Ceiling Cat, which delightd in yous 2 set yous on hims throne, 2 be king 4 da Ceiling Cat; cuz thy lovd Israel, 2 be thems 4 evr, so Ceiling Cat makez yous da King 2 make juztic.

2 Chronicles 9
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