2 Chronicles 8

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Old Testament
2 Chronicles 8
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Sum over stuf wut Solmon do'd

1 Aftr Solmon maeked anuver hows fur Ceiling Cat2 He alsoe builded sum sitehs gain dat Heeram had gived him, and he maeked j00s liv in em.4 Den he goez an pwnz sum othr peepls5 n he maeked ther sitehs into hiz.6 He even maeked sitehs just fur his horsies, cuz he hav so maneh xtera of dem. Solmon was verah gud bosskitteh hoo had lotsa stufs.

7 Ther wuz stil lotsa peepls in hiz landz dat no wuz j00s8 n Solmon maeked dem hiz slaevz cuz he wuz a smartkitteh.9 But Solmon no maeked j00s 4 his slaevz cuz dey wuz hiz helpahz.10 He haved lotsa j00s for helps him wid evryfings.

11 He evn maeked a speshul hows fur his wief cuz he thot she no cood live wher teh Ark had beed cuz it wer holee and she no wuz cuz she was teh dotter of teh faroh.

12 Solmon alwaes maeked ded lotsa anmuls fur Ceiling Cat on hiz altarz13 n to selbraet Ceiling Cat he maeked syoor to eet lotsa cheezburgers on alla feest-dayze.14 Cuz Solmon wuz such a branie kitteh he maeked syoor teh rite preests sed teh rite prares to Ceiling Cat and also had kittehs speshul fur open all teh dors.15 Evry1 lisend to Solmon cuz he wuz so telgent.

16 N so evry1 did wut he sed wiul teh hows fur Ceiling Cat wuz bein maeked.

17 Den Solmon goed to dis ovr plais18 n Hiram sended botes fur him wich gotted him n sum gold 2 and comed bak and n evry1 wuz liek "omg y u leev?"

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