2 Chronicles 6

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Old Testament
Note: Can we make the numbers like they do at BibleGateway.com? When I try to type 1-2, it doesn't work.

12 Tehn Solomon wuz liek

 "Ceiling Cat sedz he'd stay in teh darks, teh thicksause darkness.

 But he bilted us an eksalted house, to stays in forevars."

3 Tehn teh kingz turnd and blessded the pplz of Isreal, wile teh pplz of Isreal standed.

4 Then he seds "Blessd be teh Ceiling Cat, who liek, fillded his promses of his mouth to David, mah father, an sed5 Since teh day taht I gots mah pplz out teh landz of Egypt, I choosd no city out of teh other places of Isreal to built a house, wiht mah name on its, and choseded no menz to prince over teh pplz of Isreal;

2 Chronicles 6
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