2 Chronicles 4

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Old Testament

Stuffz fo' teh howze uf teh cheezburgr'

1 King Soluman (Formerly Solukitteh) putted togetha a table.2 An a bowl,3 Teh bowl was big... an pretteh.4 it sitted on srlsy cul moo cows...5 an it waz thick, but waz not fur cheezbrgz.6 In teh name of teh Ceiling Cat mroe bowls were putted togetha.7 Soluman puttd togetha more tablz an bwlz an candle holdas,8 then more bowlz... an more bowlz were putted togetha.9 Teh middle place waz dor teh holy manz... Soluman then putted teh pretteh bowl in teh howze uf teh cheezburgr.11 Soluman's frend calded Huram maded pots an bowls.12 Huram maded all of teh stuffz Soluman telld him too13 an taht waz alotz,14 an tehy all were maded fromd teh shiney metl.15 It was all maded an putted togetha16 to be putted in teh howze of teh cheezburgr an Celing Cat.17 Al of teh stuffz waz maded in teh metal place closd to teh town of teh Sukkoth.18 It waz alotz of shiney metl!!!1!19 Soluman also makez all teh furnishingz that waz in teh God's Temple: teh golden alta, teh tables on witch waz teh bread of teh Presents (mmm... bread!)20 teh lampstandz of bling! bling! with teh tampz 2 burn in front of teh inner sanctuary as prescribed21 teh bling! bling! flowerys and lampz and salad tongs (they was all bling! bling!)22 teh bling! bling! wick trimmers, sprinklinz bowls, dishes, and Ron Paul censorship. Oh, an also teh bling! bling! doorz of teh temple: teh inner doorz 2 teh Most Holiest Place and teh doors of teh main hallz.

2 Chronicles 4
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