2 Chronicles 35

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Old Testament

1 Jozaiah keeped a speshul cookie for Ceiling Cat in Jeroosalum An he maded teh cookie on teh forteenth dai of Januareh

2 An he tolded teh preests to maked cookiez fur Ceiling Cat An to ask for can has cheezburgrs.

3 An he tolded teh Levis dat tauhgt all Izrayl and has cheezburgers to puh teh Cheezburger Ark in Ceiling Cat's houes an to taek it easeh. srsly4 An to maked cookie for Ceiling Cat An to be wiv dem frendz5 An to go to Ceiling Cat's howse for sez "Hai!" to Ceiling Cat.

6 So dem maded teh speshul cookiez for Ceiling Cat An asksed for can has cheezburger

7 An Jozeeah gived stuffs to teh peepls an teh preests An gived teh preests sum cookie mix.

8 An him sons alsos gived stuffs to teh peepls An teh preests9 An so did Conananannaiahanahahaiah, Shemamamamamamaiah and Neeanderethanol and sum uver ov Jozayah's brudders gived dem stuffs too

10 An so teh Cookie service wuz maded An teh peepls did wuh Jozaiah tolded dem to do

11 An so dem maded teh speshul cookie An dey no eated it An teh preests An teh Leevis addeded speshul sprinkulzes to teh cookie.

12 Teh Levis gaved teh cookies to Ceiling Cat liek Mosescat sed to.

13 After dat, all teh kittehs hadded washytime for can has cheezburger

14 Teh preests wuz maked cookie for teh hole dai An at teh end, dem cud eated a cookie

15 Durin teh parteh coz of teh cookies, der was lotza musix an teh guardkittehs fowt dat dem shud be der but Ceiling Cat sed "Oh Hai! Don worry, u no has to go to teh parteh if you no wanna, stey An guarded teh cuontreh. srsly. kthxbai"

16 So dat wuz wen a speshul cookie dai was maded for Ceiling Cat liek Jozzy saided

17 Dat parteh wuz so kewl dat dem haved anuvver one eech yer for seven yers. Dats, liek, forevur or sumfink.

18 Teh cookie parteh wuz teh plaec to beh. If u no wuz der, u no wuz kewl. evry1 wuz der!

19 An ya no wa? Dis all happeneded in teh aiteenth yer of Joziaiaih rullin in Jooduh

Oh noez! Joziah dies in Battul Oh noez!!!!1!!

20 Laytuh on, teh Eggypshuns attaked Joodah so Joziah sended sum armeh kittehs to meat dem.

21 Den, teh Eggy king sended a email to Joz taht sedded "d00d! Wat r u doin man! We no at warr, but Ceiling Cat has tolded me to kill meh enomies quikliez so don ged in meh way! no jokes, srsly. so stoppit kthx"

22 Buh Joz no listened to teh Eggy warnin even tho Ceiling Cat had sedded it. Den, he pretended to be normal kitteh and attackeded alsos.

23 During teh battul, Jozi wuz hitted bai a arrow. "GMTFO!" he sedded.

24 So teh servin kittehs taked Joziah back to Jeroosalum but he dieded. lol, n00b. Joz wuz berried wiv hiz anchestas.

25 Jeremiah, teh profit, writed a funeral singsong for Jozzy. Even now, neone taht morns Jozzia sings dis singsong.

26 All teh uvver stuffs he didded was writed in27 Teh Histreh of teh Kings ov Izrayl An Jewdah. kthxbai

2 Chronicles 35
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