2 Chronicles 3

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Soloman maeks CEILING CAT a pimp crib

1 K den Soloman maek hous of CEILING CAT n j00salem on mownt Mariah, were CEILING CAT showded up 2 hiz dad LOL.

2 He maek it on day2 of teh 2nd munth in year 4 he wuz teh king.

3 Dis how CEILING CAT sed 2 maek HIZ crib: 3 + lots of cubez long bi 20 cubez wyde.

4 An teh frnt porche wus liek 20 cubez wyde and 120 cubez big LOL n it wuz maed uv g0ld.

5 Den he putz a g0ld crissmas tree on teh ceiling wit sum pahm treez n chanes it up WTF?

6 Den he putz dimonds n shit all ovr, n all teh g0ld wuz frm dis plase call Parvaim so u no it wuz tite.

7 Den he putz g0ld on liek evryting teh beemz n teh wallz n all, den he drawed flyin pig monsterz call cherrybums on evryting WTF?

8 Den he maed teh mose holi crib 20 x 20 cubez pimpd out wit more g0ld and send 600 d00dz wit skilz in.

9 Evn hiz nalez wuz maek uv g0ld, n he putz g0ld in all teh bedroomz.

10 Den in teh most holi crib he maekz 2 moar cherrybumz coverd wit g0ld it wuz pimp.

11 An teh cherrybums wing wuz liek teh siz uv teh hole place it wuz big LOL.

12 N teh 2 cherrybums wingz wuz teh sam siz.

13 Ssrsly liek dey fased eech othre n dey wuz HUG NO KIDDIN!!11!1!

14 Den he maed a vile dat wuz all deez funky cullers n putz MOAR cherrybums on it cuz CEILING CAT luvz dees cherrybum thinks.

15 Den he maed 2 pilars in teh frnt yard n dey was srsly big liek 35 cubez an teh topperz wuz like 5 cubez 2.

16 Den he maed deez big chanes liek in teh orcale an putz dem on teh pillarz wit a buncha frute WTF?

17 Den he putz 1 pilar on teh lef an 1 on teh rite n nameded teh rite d00d Jachin and teh lef d00d Boaz.

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