2 Chronicles 29

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Old Testament

1 Hezekiah waz 25 wen Hezekiah wuz maded king LOLCat, an Hezekiah pwnd in Jooruselum 29 years. His mothr wuz Abijaah dawter ov Zechariah.2 He maded wot wuz rite in teh eyz of Ceiling Cat, jus his fathr David maded pwn.

3 In teh first month ov his pwnage, he made teh doorz of teh lounge ov Ceiling Cat open an repaired htem.4 He getted in LOLcat manz and teh neighbourz, putted tehm in teh garden on teh othr seid5 an sed: "I pwn, neighbourz! Wash yooz and cleen teh lounge of Ceiling Cat, teh Ceiling Cat ov yooz fathrs. Takez teh evil stuf from teh lounge.6 Our fathrz waz evilz; htey did evil stufz to Ceiling Cat an made poopz in teh lounge ov Ceiling Cat. Htey lockd Ceiling Cat in teh garden an no let him in teh house.7 Htey also maded teh doorz of teh patio cloze and putted out teh litez. Htey did not teh chanj kitty littr ov Ceiling Cat.8 Ceiling Cat wuz pissed off wif teh peeplz ov teh house and maded htem like dogz an evil.9 Our fathrz wur scratchd teh sunz and teh dawters and teh wivez are lockd inseid.10 I now make playz wif Ceiling Cat and he no h8 us no more.11 Mai sunz, do not sleepz, Ceiling Cat haz made u pwn to chanj teh kitty littr.

2 Chronicles 29
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