2 Chronicles 2

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{{Old Testament}}
{{Old Testament}}

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Old Testament

1 Sowlomen bild Hole in Ceiling 4 Ceiling Cat n bilt hems3lf guilhhall.

2 Gots 70,000 kittehs 2 carry all his stufz n 80,000 kittehs 2 get stonz n 3,600 2 be liek 'u get moar stoanz lolz'

3 Sent letr 2 Hurum (King of Tire), 'U + ur dad = buttsecks. U snd woods 2me or I youtube I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE 1 MILLION VEIWS'

4 'im maeking moar Holes in Ceiling for Ceiling Cat n tuna preznits, n c@kez ,n moar tuna preznits evry day, cuz lawz sez 2.

5 'Wil b bigg3st Hole in Ceiling EVA, cuz Ceiling Cat eated Zooce n Molock n all gawds.'

6 'lol, teh Ceiling Cat is rly 2 big 4 it but hee wil yuse it 4 tuna st0rage.'

7 'U snd me a kitteh wth crafting sklls to craft me t0ns of nue stufz 4 me n Ceiling Cat!'

8 'I LOVE WOOD! Snd it. Ur kittehs mus teech mah kittehs 2 maek it.'

9 'Wil bild t3h kckass Hole in Ceiling wif wud.'

10 'Mah kittehs wil halp n wil bring 2 billion fudz. Rmbr: 1 MILLION VEIWS. kthxbai'

11 Hurum was liek, 'OMG kk'

12 'Dun post pls'

13 'I wil snd WUD n skilt kittehs'

14 'pls dun post'

15 'u snd ur kittehs 2 halp pls'

16 'Pls dun post. srsly. kthxbai'

17 Sowlomen was liek 'lol' n dcyded 2 count immigrants. OMG 153,600 immigrants?

18 He was liek 'OMGWTFWWID?' n maed 70,000 crry his stufz n 80,000 2 gt stoanz n 3,600 2 say 'gt moar stoanz lolz'

2 Chronicles 2
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