2 Chronicles 14

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Old Testament

1 teh d00d callded Abidjah has deid an' wuz bureid in Jeruzalem lol. Him's caled Asa hoo wuz maed king an' peece rooled teh empier fr ten hole yeerz!!!!11

Asa iz srsly teh king of Joodah

2 he did wut teh Ceiling Cat sayd wuz kewl.3 he killd teh stachoos of teh amaganary frends. also he essploaded Asherah's scratch poels, she not like.4 an den he telled teh kittehs at Jooduh to look at Ceiling Cat, an den gives him cheezburgerz.5 Asa also killd teh amaganary frends at joodah. him's kingdom had peece for a lilbit.6 wen teh peece happensed, he builded teh forts all arowned joodah. Nobody neber trieded to skratch him during peecetimes, becuz Ceiling Cat gived him teh naptime.

7 Asa wuz all liek, "ohai peeps, we shud biuld townses wiff WEALLY BIG FENCES ALL AWOUND!! O AN SUM TOWERZ! SRSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dis playce iz ars cuz wee totz finded teh Ceiling Cat an he giveded to us teh naptime." an den, dey builded stufs an made cookies fore eech udder to eated

8 Asa can hased a RELLY HYOOG ARMIE!!! dey were liek, relly braev.

9 Zerah teh Cushite can hasd a priddy hyoog armie too an he taked dem to teh Mareshah10 Asa goed to see hm, an Zerah wuz awl liek, "OHAI LETS FITE IN TEH VALLEE UV ZEPATHAH!!" an Asa wuz liek, "AI DON KNOWE WARE DAT IZ" butt den he remememberds dat it wuz neer Mareshah.

11 den Asa cald teh Ceiling Cat an sayed, "o hai Ceiling Cat, yoo ar teh awesomestest an yoo shuld help us cuz Zerah iz gunna eated us nstuffs"

12 Ceiling Cat sprayded teh Cushites wiff teh wetstuffs so dey runned uhway becuaes kkittehs DO NOT WANT GET WET!!13 nd Asa maed him awmey falloe tehm an teh Cushites drownded an den teh peeps frum Joodah taeked awl uv deir cookiez an eated dem14 dey taeked liek, eberythign. an bloed up awl uv teh sofas nstuffs15 alo, dey eated awl uv teh Cushites mices. den tehy awl goed hoem

2 Chronicles 14
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